Some Famous Mediterranean Fish Dishes

Clean the fish thoroughly, make sure no scales are left on the skin and the head. Fillet and skin the fish, remove all the pin bones and cut the fillet into small chunks, set aside.


To prepare the broth, simmer head, skin and other bones in 2 liter of water with parsley, half an hour. Remove parsley. Rinse through strainer. Pick up the meat from the head and the bones carefully and add to the broth. Add salt and pepper.


─░nto the broth add diced potato, onion, celery, rice, garlic, olive oil and simmer until rice and potato are cooked. Open the lid and include the fish chunks. After 5 minutes, pour few table spoons of soup juice into the lemon juice egg yolk mixture and add back to the pan while mixing with spoon continuously. Turn off the heat in two minutes and serve hot.

1 kg Akuvatur fish

(Real Dentex, Premium Seabream

Premium Seabass)

1 small potato, diced

1 small onion, diced

1 cup celery, diced

2 table spoon rice, rinsed

1 tea spoon graded garlic

1 lemon juice + 1 egg yolk

(mixed and whisked)

4 table spoon olive oil

A bunch of parsley

Sea salt and pepper









Fish Soup