After harvesting into icy watered containers at the cage site, all Akuvatur fish are individually

labeled with blue tags in the company owned, EU certified packaging facility.

We supply Akuvatur’s high quality fish in three channels; retail, wholesale, and export.


Retail Channel; Major super markets such as Metro, Real, and Carrefour

are directly supplied by Akuvatur in Turkey. Some EU located super markets have already started serving our fish. Look for the “blue Akuvatur label” in the fish sections to get the delicious fish of Mediterranean.


Wholesale Channel; World’s major cities, such as New York, Washington DC, Moscow

are the main target for our prestigious Mediterranean fishes. Check us by info mail if we supply your city.


Export Channel; Akuvatur GR in Greece, our European subsidy is the direct supplier to

EU operations on country basis. Non EU operations are directed by the main company in Turkey

to the World’s famous cities, by air shipment.

Some Famous Mediterranean Fish Dishes

As an Atlantic-African native, Red seabream has recently (100 years?) introduced to Eastern Mediterranean, naturally. Heavily exploited by fishing, this precious fish has pinkish, yellowish color, and blue spots along its back. Don’t look around to find this fish elsewhere because the secrets have recently been solved by Akuvatur, a beginning to overcome the short supply of this fish in Mediterranean cuisine.

Cousin of Real Dentex, distinguished by its pinkish color, protruding forehead, and big sizes.

Overfishing brought Pink Dentex near extinction due to its fame for priceless taste.

Now, Akuvatur is proud to bring back this celebrity to life for celebrated feasts.

Known by its powerful and vigorous character, this bottom-dwelling, big Mediterranean fish offers delicious and

well balanced medium-fat fillets. Big sizes when prepared grilled, baked or stewed

creates prestigious servings for five star restaurants.

Very well known in the region and abroad, Mediterranean seabream is already a commodity brand name among white-flesh sea fishes. You guessed the story; we are used to deal with the secrets of new Med fishes so we had the touch to this famous fish

to turn it into premium quality, a touch of wild taste and the look. Try it to believe...

Denizlerin bembeyaz etli klasik lezzeti, doğal yemler ve özel beslenme tekniği ile açık ve temiz denizlerde beslenerek

premium kaliteye ulaşan Akuvatur Premium Levrek, başta çocuklar olmak üzere tüm balık tutkunlarına

sağlık ve lezzeti bir arada sunuyor.