Some Famous Mediterranean Fish Dishes

Clean the fish thoroughly, make sure no scales are left on the skin and the head. Dry with paper towel. Salt the whole fish and set aside. Do not make a cut on the skin, you will lose the juice during cooking.


Fire the grill and wait for the excess heat of the coal to lessen. Rub thoroughly the half onion on to the bars of the grill to avoid the fish to get stuck on to the bars. Use a fork inserted to the onion for this job (do not use oil on the fish to avoid sticking because it would change the taste and process into frying). Place the fish on the grill. Wait for some time and use a fire tong to turn the fish. You may repeat this twice according to the size of the fish. Check the middle bone of the fish through belly cut; it should be slightly pinkish. Do not overcook.


If the fish is filleted, start cooking the skinless side first. Fillet of fish cooks sooner! Serve immediately while steaming.

1 kg Akuvatur fish

(Real Dentex, Pink Dentex, Red Seabream, Premium Seabream

Premium Seabass)

Onion, cut in half

Sea salt









Grilled Fish