Some Famous Mediterranean Fish Dishes

Clean the fish thoroughly, make sure no scales are left on the skin and the head. Fillet and skin the fish, remove all the pin bones and cut the meat into mid-size chunks, set aside.


To prepare fish broth, simmer head, skin and other bones in 3 ½  glasses of water for half an hour. Rinse through strainer. Pick up the meat carefully from the head and the bones and add to the broth.


Use a non-sticking pot for this recipe. Heat the pot and add oil and chopped onions to cook until lightly browned. Add the fish broth, cumin, sea salt, bulgur and stir. Close the lid and let it simmer in low heat until half of the broth is sucked by bulgur. Open the lid and place the fish chunks on bulgur, and close. Cooking is completed when bulgur has sucked all the juice in the pen. Turn off  the heat and wait for 5-10 min for pilaf to rest. Serve while it is steaming.

1 kg Akuvatur fish

(Real Dentex, Pink Dentex

Premium Seabass)

1 1/2 glass bulgur (or rice)

2 large onions, finely chopped

3 table spoon frying oil

(such as corn, sun flower or

soy bean oil)

3 glasses of fish broth

1 tea spoon of cumin

Sea salt









Siyadi (Fish on Bulgur pilaf)